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The Award for the best beers of Rome and Lazio is promoted by the Chamber of Commerce of Rome, through Sviluppo e Territorio, Special Agency for the development and growth of Rome and the Lazio region, in cooperation with Agro Camera, Special Agency of the Rome Chamber of Commerce for the development of the agri-food sector, the regional chamber system, the Lazio region and the sector trade associations.

The main purposes of the Award are:

  1. to enhance the best beers from the different areas of the territory of Rome and Lazio to promote knowledge and strengthen their presence in national and foreign markets, rewarding quality products that can at the same time achieve consumer appreciation;
  2. to bring out the most innovative beers from the territory of Rome and Lazio favoring a comparison between local companies;
  3. to stimulate the brewers towards a path of constant improvement of the quality of the product in order to intercept diversified eating styles;
  4. to encourage the development of startup and, more generally, of youth entrepreneurship in the sectors of interest.